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If your account has been compromised by someone logging in, you can report the account theft and request emergency measures to prohibit using the relevant account after verifying your current email and phone number.

Once a report is filed, the relevant Kakao account and linked KakaoTalk will be suspended for 7 days, and the post-reporting process will proceed through Customer Service.

* Submitting a report on this page will prohibit both reporters and reported from using the relevant account and KakaoTalk. Please make a request only when you're sure that the theft has caused damage. If you suspect your account has been compromised, please register your inquiry at Customer Service. We will review it and reply to you.

* Reporting theft and requesting emergency measures are available only within 14 days from an outbreak of damage and will be processed after you verify your phone number.

* Please check if you have attached an account compromise report when filing your report. An account compromise report and the following documents may also be required to extend the reporting period or cancel the suspension.

- Account Compromise Report: download
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