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Plus Friend is a special feature in KakaoTalk messenger that allows you to receive special contents and updates from your favorite artists by adding them as your Plus Friend.  


Go to More > Plus Friends to explore and add Plus Friends. 

To add a Plus Friend, tap “Add” button on the Plus Friend mini-profile or tap “Add friend” button on Plus Friend’s Home.


*The updated Plus Friends list will be available on KakaoTalk ‘s Plus Friend webpage.


Currently, you may not send messages to your Plus Friends.  

Your personal information such as name and phone number will never be available to your Plus Friends without your consent.   

You can turn off notifications in the Plus Friend chatroom. 

In a Plus Friend chatroom, tap the triple-lined menu and disable the Notifications button (bell icon). 

Like other chat rooms, you may receive videos and audio messages. You may also view all images and event pages from your Plus Friends by tapping the messages. 

Like other chat rooms, you may not view previous chat room history after you have deleted a Plus Friend chat room. Please check carefully before you delete any chat rooms.  

If you wish to block Plus Friends after you have add them, click on “Block” button at the Plus Friends’ home or edit friends on the friends list.

You can block Plus Friends even when you haven’t added them as your friends by tapping “Block” button on Plus Friend’s mini-profile or by editing friends on the “Friends?” tab.


Blocked friends will be removed from your friends list but still shown on the Plus Friends List.  

There are two types of messages; messages with push alerts and without. We limit the number of messages to be sent with a push alert for users’ convenience.  

Each Plus Friends has a different schedule for message sending. The frequency of message being sent will differ from each Plus Friend. 

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