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  1. You can purchase emoticons and themes in the Item Store. Check out the new emoticons and themes every week in the Item Store!


    * To move to the Item Store:

    Go to More > Item Store, or tap the smiley face in the text field in your chatroom and then tap the “+” icon on the emoticon tab.

  2. If you create a Kakao account, you can restore your purchased items even if you change your device or phone number by logging in with your Kakao account.


    * To create your Kakao account:

    Go to More > Settings > Kakao Account.


    NOTE: Your items cannot be restored if you unregister from KakaoTalk.

  3. Paid emoticons include stickers, animated emoticons/stickers and sound emoticons featuring popular characters or celebrities. You can purchase them now in the Item Store.

  4. To see the list of your purchased items, go to Item Store > My Items.

    If the download was not completed, you can download the emoticon again in Item Store > My Items.

  5. To rearrange the order of your emoticons, go to More > Settings > Chatroom > Arrange Emoticons, or go to any chatroom and then tap the rightmost button (gear icon) on your emoticon tab.

  6. A customized theme is a theme that you can create yourself, whereas a KakaoTalk theme is a paid theme that you can purchase from the Item Store.

  7. You can manage your purchased themes in More > Settings > Themes.

  8. There is no expiration date on the themes that you have purchased.

    However, some themes may not be displayed properly after updating your app.


If you can not find the answer, please contact our service center.