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  1. Group call connection or quality of the connection may be poor if your or your friend's device or the network status is in poor condition.
  2. Once your call is connected, you will see the “Voice Filters” button on the the screen. You can then select a filter to speak to your friend in Tom or Ben’s voice. 

  3. 1) Tap the "Video Filters" button in the menu after connecting to a Video Call. 

    2) Swipe left and right to choose a filter. 

    3) Tap your favorite filters and it will appear on your friend's screen.  

  4. If you double tap the small screen, you'll be able to switch which user is displayed in the larger screen and vice versa. 

  5. 1) In your device settings, check to see if your camera has been enabled for KakaoTalk. 

    2) If you hide your screen during the Video Call, your camera will be turned off. 

  6. If you are having network issues while using our free calling feature, please check the following: 

    1. Mobile network status  

    Make sure you have a strong cellular signal while connected to 3G/LTE network. If you are connected to a public Wi-Fi, your connection may be unstable or may also be blocked by a firewall. 

    2. Data plans 

    If you are connected to a 3G/LTE network, your call may be blocked by the carrier in accordance with the data plans you are using. You will be given an mVoIP allowance every month according to your data plan. 

    Contact your carrier to check mVoIP allowance for your data plan. 

    * Make sure you check the network status/data plan of the person you are using the free calling feature with. You both should have a good network connection in order to experience good call quality. 

    * To check if you are blocked by your carrier: 

    Try calling your friend while connected to a Wi-Fi network. (You both need to be connected.) 

    If you are able to make a call when connected to a Wi-Fi network and calling is not available when connected to 3G/LTE network, it is likely that your carrier have blocked/limited your call. 

    However, if you are not able to make a call when both of you are connected to Wi-Fi network, please contact our Customer Service for assistance. 


If you can not find the answer, please contact our service center.