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Cheez can be used on iOS 8 or higher, and Android 4.3 or higher. If your phone has a lower version of OS, it is not compatible. Please check the software version.

Supplies record function with a tapping on 'Record a video with sound' Included in Cheez setting menu.

Recording function sustains once a user switches on.

Although the original movie file uploaded on the kakaotalk profile contains acoustic information, It does not make any sound on the profile.

Kakao Account is an integrated account that allows you to enjoy various Kakao services with a single registration.

You can create a Kakao Account conveniently using an email address you actively use.

Signing up for Cheez is easy. You can either log in via KakaoTalk using your Kakao Account, or enter your Kakao Account email directly.

Cheez is a mobile selfie service which allows users to take photos and videos, decorate them with face recognition stickers, and apply them to their KakaoTalk profile. Cheez also provides "profilecons" for profile decoration.

Yes, you must agree to the Terms of Service to use the service.
Your agreement is required for our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Yes, you may disable location services anytime you don't want to use features related to location-based services.

Go to Settings > Location Services to disable location services.

You may unregister from Cheez in My Page > Settings.

* You can still take photos after you unregister from Cheez, but you need to register again to link them to your KakaoTalk profile.

Go to Settings and disable Push Notifications. You will not receive push notifications any longer.
You can receive them again after enabling the option.

You can take pictures with the shutter sound on by turning off the silent camera mode in Settings.

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