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Cheez does not have the "Import Video" feature yet.

For stickers which are associated with events, you will be asked to perform a certain mission when selecting a sticker. You can download the sticker upon completing the mission.

Yes, all photos you take will be saved in the photo album automatically when you turn on the Auto Save option in Settings.

No, stickers cannot be deleted in the current version.

If you have agreed to our Location Services policy, the location information will be saved in the photo's EXIF information.
You may withdraw your consent in Settings > Location Services.

Select the arrow sign (which means "next") at the bottom of the screen after taking a picture. You can check the picture/video you have taken along with the background picture and status message of your profile.

Click "Apply" and the picture will be saved as your profile picture. If the new photo is not shown, please check again if your KakaoTalk is the latest version.

You may record up to five seconds of video to ensure a stable upload to the KakaoTalk profile.

There are two options.
1. Go to KakaoTalk > Edit Profile. Select "profilecons" from the Profile menu, and you will be directed to the relevant page where you can choose new profilecons.
2. Select "Gallery" on the top left of the camera screen, and you will see a button right next to your profile picture which will direct you to the profilecon page.

Click "More" at the top of the Cheez app and you will see the "Set Profile" icon. Select "None" from the profilecon list in the setting screen and click "Apply".

Now you will see that profilecons have disappeared. You can access the same page from the profilecon setting menu in KakaoTalk > Edit Profile.

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If you can not find the answer, please contact our service center.