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Spam Mail

  1. [How to add blocked emails and domains]

    1. PC
    Go to "Settings > Manage Spam > Allow/Block Incoming Mails" and add email addresses (domains) you wish to block.
    Emails sent from blocked email addresses (domains) are returned to the sender.
    You can add up to 1,000 email addresses and 200 domains in the block list.

    2. Mobile
    1) How to block (report) from the mailbox list:
    Go to the mailbox list and press the profile image of the email you want to block. Go to the toolbar at the bottom of the screen and press the "Block" icon.

    2) How to block (report) from the email:
    Select the "More" icon at the right of the toolbar, which is located at the bottom of the mail body text, and press the "Block Spam" icon.

    ※ The block domain feature is available in the PC version.
  2. Emails marked as "Auto-Block"ed are emails that were automatically moved by the spam cleaner from the Inbox to the Spam mailbox.
    Spam cleaners use data from users' spam reports to block spam mails. However, some spam mails end up in the Inbox due to spammer's evolving spam technology.
    Please press "Block Spam" once you discover a spam mail in your Inbox.
    Emails blocked as spam will be included in the spam monitoring system, reported as spam, and will be used as internal data and to analyze types of spam.

    "Move(d)" emails are emails users move to the Spam mailbox if they deem that email is indeed a spam mail.
  3. Kakao Mail restricts certain file formats in order to prevent the spread of malicious codes and viruses.
    The following file formats are restricted to protect users' device from viruses and ransom ware.
    Restricted file formats are subject to change.

    Restricted file formats
    .img / .gadget / .grp / .hta / .cer / .xbap / .rar / .ade / .adp /.asx / .bas / .bat / .chm / .cmd / .com / .cpl / .crt / .dll / .der / .exe / .hlp / .inf / .ins / .isp / .js / .jse / .lnk / .maq / .mar / .mas / .mat / .maf / .mda / .mdb / .mde / .mdt / .mdw / .mdz / .msc / .msi / .msp / .mst / .nws / .ops / .pcd / .pif / .prf / .reg / .scf / .scr / .sct / .shb / .shs / .shm / .swf / .ocx / .url / .vb / .vbe / .vbs / .vbx / .vxd / .wsc / .wsf / .wsh / .nsh / .sys / .jar / .ace