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  1. IMAP/SMTP is a service that enables users to use Kakao Mail from a mobile and PC mail program.

    You can check your emails from the mobile/PC mail program you were using without having to access Kakao Mail from a web browser.

    IMAP syncs the activities in the mail program with the Kakao Mail web in real-time.

    Emails are recorded as read if the email has been opened and as sent if the email has been sent from the mobile/PC email program.

    In other words, IMAP provides users with the same email service experience in Kakao Mail web whenever you read or compose an email on an email program.
  2. The "451 Queuing declined or disabled; try again later" error message appears when you try to send an email without SMTP authentication.

    You may not have set up the sender account and password when setting up the SMTP.
    Follow the directions below to set up SMTP authentication and try sending the email.

    ① Outlook > File tab > Info menu > Click "Account Settings"
    ② Click "More Settings..." in the Internet Email Settings
    ③ Click the "Outgoing Server" tab > Check "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication" > Select "Use same settings as my incoming mail server" > Click the "OK" button
  3. Go to server settings and check "993, SSL Required" to use POP3/SMTP.

    To use POP3/SMTP, the incoming server's security authentication port number must be 995 and the outgoing server's security authentication port number must be 465.
  4. The "Leave a copy on the server" must be enabled in Outlook and other POP3 mail clients. Otherwise, due to default settings, a delete mail request is sent to POP3 when the mail client exports the email.

    You can prevent emails from being deleted when it is exported from Kakao Mail to Outlook by following the easy steps provided in "How to save web mails" at the top of the page the has the shortcut to setting up the Outlook program. Click the Outlook program tab you are using for more information.

    Use the following as reference if you are experiencing difficulties setting up the client program.

    How to setup options to save POP3 mail originals
    ① Go to the Kakao Mail page > Click "Settings" > Click "IMAP/POP3 Settings" > Click "POP3 Settings"
    ② Go to "Save Original Message" and select "Save original in Kakao Mail", then click "Save".
    ※ POP3 settings can only be updated in Kakao Mail's PC version.
  5. Kakao Mail POP3/SMTP service allows users to exchange Kakao Mail emails from email programs such as Outlook Express, MS Outlook and smart phones.

    Kakao Mail POP3/SMTP is an extremely useful service because it allows users to use external email programs to check and send emails from Kakao Mail without having to access Kakao Mail from web browsers.
  6. Emails in Kakao Mail are not deleted, even if you connect to email programs such as Outlook through IMAP or POP3 and check emails.
    However, if you connect with IMAP and delete an email in the email program, the email will be deleted from Kakao Mail. If you use POP3 to connect the account to the mail program and do not check "Save copy in the server" in Settings or do not use "Save original in Kakao Mail" in Kakao Mail's POP3 settings, then emails retrieved with POP3 will be moved to Trash.
    Please check the settings when using POP3.
  7. Kakao Mail supports IMAP/POP3/SMTP, allowing users to check emails from other mail clients, including Outlook.
    Follow the setup guide below to register the account in the mail client.
    Please check the SSL authentication setting when setting up the IMAP/POP3/SMTP.

    1. IMAP/SMTP
    - ID: Kakao Mail ID
    - Password: Kakao Mail password (Integrated account password)
    - IMAP (Incoming server) : (993 / SSL)
    - SMTP (Outgoing server) : (465 / SSL)

    2. POP3/SMTP
    - ID: Kakao Mail ID
    - Password: Kakao Mail password (Integrated account password)
    - POP3 (Incoming server) : (995 / ssl)
    - SMTP (Outgoing server) : (465 / ssl)
  8. Please follow these steps to troubleshoot the issue:

    1. Verify if POP is enabled for your Gmail account.
    Go to Gmail POP activation

    2. Use App Password: If you have enabled two-step verification, log in with an app password. (Google's login policy has changed from May 30, 2022, and you can no longer register external emails using only your username and password.)
    Go to Google Announcement
    Set up 2-Step Verification for your Google account
    Generate an App Password for your Google account
    3. If the problem persists despite the above instructions, please visit the 'Allow Access to My Google Account' page and follow the provided guidance.

    For more detailed assistance, please consult the Google Help resources.
  9. Microsoft has recently announced the discontinuation of support for basic authentication in Exchange Online, starting from October 1, 2022.

    Due to this security enhancement policy implemented by Microsoft, we regret to inform Exchange-based email users that the "Add External Email" feature is no longer available.

    However, if you don't use Exchange-based email, you can still utilize the "Add External Email" feature as usual for Hotmail/ accounts.

    For more detailed information, please refer to the Microsoft technical support document.
  10. Gmail offers two modes: POP Standard mode and Recent mode. Using the Standard mode for synchronization with a single email client is recommended. In contrast, the Recent mode is recommended for synchronization with multiple email clients. However, if you use the Standard mode for synchronization with multiple email clients, you may experience a situation where only some emails are received in Gmail.

    In POP Standard mode, Gmail lists approximately 250 unread emails (excluding spam and trash), starting from the oldest ones. In other words, if you have connected the same Gmail account to different clients, the emails already fetched by a client will not be fetched by the next client. For more detailed information, please consult the Google Help resources.

    If you want to retrieve all Gmail emails while using multiple email clients, please use the "Recent mode" in Gmail.
    1. Check the "Email Address" or "Username" field in the client's POP settings page.
    2. Add "recent:" before the email address. For example:
    3. For more information, please refer to the Google Help resources on "Email not properly downloading."