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Gemstone is kind of value that you can earn it by playing stages or exploring the ruins.

You can upgrade your Friend with Gemstone.

It is a mode to get the flippers by block matching and send the cones to the treasure box.

It is a place where you can easily manage the ruins you have collected so far.

You can check the information such as the remaining time and rewards of friends who is currently exploring.

Accomplishing the daily, weekly, monthly missions within specific periods rewards you with cone.

*Each mission type has its own intialization sequence. Players must obtain their rewards within initialization periods.

Inbox is the contents that can hold various rewards in the game for a certain period of time.

It has its own unique point-up effect, and it can be viewed and managed on the Friends Collection screen.

This is a guide of Friends gem, which is a collection of easy-to-read information that is essential for exploring games.

It is a mode to collect various missions such as removing ice floors, finding golden slabs.

Ruby is a paid cash of Friends Gem.

You can buy it directly from the ruby ​​store or just acquire it as rewards by

Production, and completion of exploration.

You can also use Ruby to buy items, hearts, or summon friends.

It is a laser reflection mode that rotates the reflector by block matching and acquires gemstone.

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