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You can acquire heroes by summoning or inviting with your fame point.

Each hero has their grade from B to SSS, and higher grade guarantees higher performance of the hero.

You can check your acquired heroes at the office.

You can increase the level of your hero by hunting monsters or using experience point items,

and when you reach the maximum level of the hero, the hero can be promoted by using its exclusive item.

If you nominate your hero as the consul, the hero will affect the territory.

Otherwise, the hero will be nominated as a commander of your battlefield to eliminate your enemies.

Here is the instruction for controlling the sound and push notifications.

 1. Tap the lord portrait at the upper left corner of your main screen

 2. Tap the option button at the lower left corner (Push notifications)

 3. Turn off the option that you want to off

* If you want to turn on the push notifications or sound, please turn "ON" those options above.

1. Food, lumber, and stone can be collected from the farms, sawmills, and quarries in your territory

 - You can build productive buildings at several fixed places at the outside of the castle wall.

 - Productive buildings produce resources every second depending on the level of your buildings.

 - Through the ring commend of the productive buildings, you can harvest your products by each building.

 - Through the resource management center, you can easily harvest all the products at once.

2. Send your troops to the [Farmland, Felled Area, Stone Pit, Silver Mine, and Goldmine] to gather resources.

 - The navigator will make it easier to find and collect the resources that you want.

3. Use the resource exchanging items in your inventory.

※ If you upgrade your storage, you can protect your resources from the pillage of your enemy.

To invest the lord skill points, tap the [lord portrait] at the upper left corner, 

and touch the "Skill" button on the left side.

You will get the skill points when your lord raises the level,

but the skill points are restrictive, so please be cautious when you invest your points.

Moreover, to obtain higher rank skills, you may have to achieve certain level of preceding skills as a [prerequisite], so please be aware of it.

Summoning system is the contents for obtaining items by using keys or gold, and there are three types of chests which are normal chest, elite chest, and ultimate chest.

- Normal chest : using a bronze key or 300 gold for summoning 1 item

- Elite chest : using a sliver key or 900 gold for summoning 3 items

- Ultimate chest : using a sliver key or 1,500 gold for summoning 5 items with guaranteed premium item

Despite of spending keys or gold for obtaining items by summon system, it is still worth to do so because there are items that you cannot purchase at the shop.

There are various types of items for gaining resources, summoning soldiers, getting buff, reducing time (et cetera), and you can purchase or get them as the rewards of quests.

Items are immediately stored in your bag when you get one,

and you can check the stock or use your items in the bag.

For your information, normally you can use the items by tapping them,

but some of them have specific menu for use.

In Eight kingdoms, there are two types of skills which are [Active skills] and [Passive skills].

Between those two, active skills are composed of intensive skills like [Immediate Withdraw] and [Training Speedup 2H], but the skills are going to have some [cool down] for being used again.

[Active skills] are available with the skill button on the left side of your screen whether you are in your territory or the world map.

Since you put your skill point on the [Passive skills], they will be automatically applied and have permanent effects like [Increasing lumber productivity] and [decreasing time for academic research].

The battle operates automatically with the organized troops that you sent.

You can organize each troop with soldiers and one hero when you attack somewhere,

and all the guards and catapults in your territory will join for the defense if there is an upcoming invasion.

You can check the detail result through the battle report letter.

In the world of Eight Kingdoms, there are 23 kinds of buildings to develop the territory, and each building has its own place to build up.

Some buildings are already built when you start the game, and some are available when you achieve the prerequisite.

You will need some resources as the constructing price for buildings, and each building will require different amount of resources. Therefore, please check the construction expenses first.

Also, you can only construct one building at once, but if you use the "Golden hammer" item, you can build two buildings simultaneously during the defined period.

You can finish the construction immediately if you use the time shortening items or gold.

There are three kinds of buff, and you can check the availability from the temple which can be built when the level of your castle reaches 4.

 - System buff : It will be applied to all the lords depending on the events.

 - Regular buff : Demonstrate all the buff that the individual lord used.

 - Devine Blessing : This is a mighty buff which has a time limitation. You can apply it for free in every 24 hours from the temple, and able to change it by using gold.

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