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  1. 1 [IMAP] What is the Kakao Mail IMAP/SMTP service?
  2. 2 [POP3] What kind of service is Kakao Mail POP3/SMTP?
  3. 3 [Sync] How can I see my Kakao Mail from an external mail client?
  4. 4 [Compose Mail] How do I use the compose mail feature?
  5. 5 [Contacts] How do I use emails that have been added to Kakao Mail's contacts?
  6. 6 [Favorites] How do I manage Favorites?
  7. 7 [Read Mail] How do I search an email?
  8. 8 [Read Mail] What does the "Unknown Sender" mean in the Read Mail page?
  9. 9 [Receive Mail] How do I use the star (important email) feature?
  10. 10 [Settings] How do I manage the Smart Mailbox?