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  1. You can swiftly access your recent contacts immediately by clicking on 'View Recent Contacts' at the bottom of the autocomplete suggestions.
  2. Press the "Compose" icon at the bottom of the mailbox list and select "Compose Mail" and "Write to Me" to send an email.
    Enter the recipient, which is mandatory, and other fields, which are optional, and then press the Send button at the upper right.
    In a mobile environment, you can only compose text emails. A separate editor feature is not provided.
  3. Recent Contacts' can store the email addresses of up to 30 recipients for 30 days following the date of the email being sent.
  4. You can remove an email address from the Recent Contacts list by clicking the 'X' button next to it. While a deleted email address cannot be restored within the Recent Contacts, rest assured that it will not be removed from your address book or the auto-complete list.
  5. The Draft mailbox can be used when you have to stop composing your email due to urgent issues or if you wish to temporarily save an email you composed and sent it later.
  6. The 'Recent Contacts' feature saves and displays the email addresses of recipients you've previously sent emails to. It simplifies the process of emailing people you've recently interacted with. It stores up to 30 email addresses for a maximum of 30 days. If the limit is exceeded, the email address corresponding to the oldest sent email will be automatically removed from the list.
  7. Each Kakao Mail email must be a certain size or it cannot be sent.
    Kakao Mail emails can be up to 30 MB, including attachments. Larger emails may not be sent properly.
    Please use the following file attachment and body text size guide as reference when sending an email.

    [Attachment limit]
    Attachments can be up to 25MB to attach as a regular attachment. (Any files over 25MB will automatically be converted to a large attachment.)

    [Body text limit]
    The email body text cannot be larger than 3MB.
    You will not be able to send the email if the email body text and attachments combined exceeds 30MB.

    Please try the following if you are unable to send the email due to its size.
    - Delete parts of the email body text or attached file.
    - Convert or re-attach the attached file as a large attachment.
  8. [PC Mail]

    To view your registered Daum Mail and KakaoMail addresses, click on the email address section at the top of the side menu.
    Clicking on the desired email address will take you to the respective mailbox.

    [Mobile Web Mail]

    By tapping on the 'More (three dots)' option at the top right corner and accessing 'Settings (gear icon),' you can click on the email address section at the top of the side menu to view your registered Daum Mail and KakaoMail addresses.
    Clicking on the desired email address will take you to the respective mailbox.
    Alternatively, you can use the email address-switching feature at the bottom of the email list to access Daum Mail.

  9. When you cancel the scheduled sending of an email or modify its contents by canceling the scheduling, all the email contents will be stored in the Temporary folder.
    If you wish, you can select the email from the Temporary folder and set a new schedule directly from the email composition page.
  10. When composing emails on a mobile device, scheduling emails is not available.
    However, if you have scheduled an email using the PC version of Daum Mail, you can cancel it.
    Canceling a scheduled email will result in the email being canceled, and its content will be saved in the Temporary folder.

    Please note that emails that have been successfully sent at the scheduled time will be marked as 'Sent.'