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Compose Mail

  1. Press the "Compose" icon at the bottom of the mailbox list and select "Compose Mail" and "Write to Me" to send an email.
    Enter the recipient, which is mandatory, and other fields, which are optional, and then press the Send button at the upper right.
    In a mobile environment, you can only compose text emails. A separate editor feature is not provided.
  2. The Draft mailbox can be used when you have to stop composing your email due to urgent issues or if you wish to temporarily save an email you composed and sent it later.
  3. Each Kakao Mail email must be a certain size or it cannot be sent.
    Kakao Mail emails can be up to 30 MB, including attachments. Larger emails may not be sent properly.
    Please use the following file attachment and body text size guide as reference when sending an email.

    [Attachment limit]
    Attachments can be up to 25MB to attach as a regular attachment. (Any files over 25MB will automatically be converted to a large attachment.)

    [Body text limit]
    The email body text cannot be larger than 3MB.
    You will not be able to send the email if the email body text and attachments combined exceeds 30MB.

    Please try the following if you are unable to send the email due to its size.
    - Delete parts of the email body text or attached file.
    - Convert or re-attach the attached file as a large attachment.
  4. If an email is not sent, a failure to send message is displayed due to the following reasons.

    - The recipient's email address is incorrect.
    - The recipient's inbox is full.
    - Instantaneous server traffic increased temporary.

    Contact Customer Services if emails cannot be sent, even after the above issues have been identified.
    When contacting Customer Services, copy or forward the entire email that was returned with the subject line "Returned mail: see transcript for details". This will help us reach out to you more quickly.
  5. Go to the "Check Receipt" list on the right of the Sent mailbox to recall a sent mail.
    If the email was sent to multiple people, select each email to recall.
    However, email delivery can only be recalled if the email was sent to a Kakao Mail user and if it has not yet been open. The sent email cannot be recalled in the following situations.

    [When sent emails cannot be recalled]
    ① If the recipient deleted the email without reading it
    ② If the email is being delivered
    ③ If the recipient changed the email status to [Read] without reading it
    ④ If the email was sent to you
    ⑤ If the email was sent to an email address other than Kakao Mail
    ⑥ If the email address does not exist
  6. You can send up to 10,000 emails per day, and up to 150 people per email through Kakao Mail.
  7. Emails sent to Kakao Mail users are usually sent within three (3) minutes because it is sent straight from the server.

    Emails sent to non-Kakao Mail addresses are usually sent within five (5) minutes, but it may be delayed depending on network conditions.
    In other words, since the email is not sent directly, but rather sent through multiple servers, if any one of those servers experience an issue or if the network connection is poor, then there may be a delay when sending the email.

    If there is more than a one hour delay, a return message is sent to the sender to notify them of the delay.
    Please sent the return message to Customer Service and we will look into the issue.