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Receive Mail

Press the "Favorites" button next to the sender if you receive an email you are interested in.
Once the sender is designated as a Favorite, you can see a collection of emails from your Favorites. You can also get alerted when you receive emails from your Favorites by applying alert settings.

You can also remove that sender from your Favorites by pressing the "Favorites" button again or go to Settings > Favorites to delete the sender from your Favorites.
Use the star to manage emails you want to hold onto, including important emails or emails you intend to reply later.

[How to use the star mark]
- Mark an important email by pressing the star icon next to the title in the email list or at the toolbar at the bottom of the read email page.
- To see important emails, go to the "See Important Mail" mailbox that stores checked important emails.
- Stars can be used in all mailboxes, excluding Trash/Spam/Draft mailboxes.
You may not be receiving certain emails because some emails may not be sent properly due to the auto-classification settings, and some may be returned because the sender's email address is included in the blocked email list. If this is the case, then follow the steps below to check the blocked email list and auto-classification setting, and delete any necessary information.
However, blocked and auto-classified lists can only be edited on the PC web.

[How to delete on the blocked email list]
① Settings > Manage Spam > Click "Allow/Block Incoming Mails"
② Select the blocked email address > Click the "Delete" button
※ Use the "Search" feature if there are many blocked emails on the list.

[How to delete on the auto-classification list]
① Settings > Click "Mail Auto-Classification)
② Click [Delete] next to the information you wish to delete from the auto-classification list
Emails that are deleted from each mailbox are moved to Trash. Emails in Trash are automatically deleted after 15 days.
However, emails in the Inbox, Sent and Draft mailbox are not deleted until you delete it manually.

Emails that are deleted from Trash cannot be restored. (Emails in Trash are deleted 15 days after you receive the email and not 15 days after it has been moved to Trash.)
Please be aware that emails that are moved to Trash after 15 days of receiving it will be deleted permanently.