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  1. Go to the [Mail Settings > Signature > My Signature > Add] to add a signature.

    1. Enable the signature feature.

    2. Click "Add" to select a template. (Enter the signature manually to add a tag)

    3. Click "Editor" to select the Editor / HTML / TEXT mode. Select HTML.

    4. Enter the HTML tag of your choice.

    5. Follow the precautions below when inserting an image link.
    - The signature image may not be visible if you upload images from Daum, Naver blogs or cafes and send emails with other service accounts.
    - If you use an image CDN service or have your own server, please upload your image there.

    6. Select the Editor mode if you want to preview.

    7. Use the HTML mode if you want to edit the tag.

    8. Press "OK" to save.
    - Your signature can be up to 8,000 characters long. (HTML tags)
  2. Use the methods below to delete unnecessary emails to increase your mailbox size in Kakao Mail's PC version.

    1. Empty My Mailbox
    - Go to Settings > Manage Mailboxes > My Mailbox and empty certain mailboxes.

    2. Move emails in the Smart Mailbox
    - Go to Settings > Manage Mailboxes > Smart Mailbox, check the delete email setting. This will automatically move emails in the checked mailbox that have not been read for seven (7) days to Trash.

    3. Empty previous emails
    - Go to Settings > Manage Mailboxes > Clean Up Previous Emails and delete emails from a specific mailbox that has been there for a specific period.

    4. Empty unread emails
    - Go to Settings > Manage Mailboxes > Clean Up Unread Emails and delete emails from certain senders.

    5. Empty Trash/Spam
    - Regularly empty the Trash and Spam mailboxes.
  3. - PC Kakao Mail: Click "Profile Image" (First alphabet of your name) at the upper right > Click "Logout
    - Mobile Kakao Mail: Like KakaoTalk, there is no separate logout menu.
  4. Kakao Mail's Smart Mailbox classifies each incoming email according to the user's desired settings.
    Go to the Smart Mailbox Settings in Settings and change the Smart Mailbox settings to meet your needs. Follow the steps below to change the settings.

    1. Smart Classification ON/OFF
    If Smart Classification is ON, emails that fall into that classification is automatically placed into the Smart Mailbox. If Smart Classification is OFF, incoming emails are automatically placed in the Inbox.
    2. Auto-Delete ON/OFF
    If Auto-Delete is ON, emails placed in the specific mailbox will be moved to Trash if it is not read within seven days.

    Emails may not be classified properly in some cases. This will be improved over-time as we accumulate more data.
    Please contact Kakao Customer Service if you want a more faster mail classification experience.