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If you can't see your Facebook Friends list while playing game, please select Log Out in the Settings (cogwheel) screen, and then log back in.
Your Game Member Number is the unique ID of your Facebook account used for playing Facebook games.

It consists of 9 digits and can be checked at the bottom of the Settings (cogwheel) screen in game. 
Your game data is linked to your Facebook account.

You can log in to your Facebook account after deleting and reinstalling the game to access your existing game data.
(save game, items, etc.)
If you want to receive/block Facebook messages related to Friends Popcorn, please go to Settings (cogwheel) and update your Facebook Notifications option.
To delete the game, go to your device's Settings/Options menu and select the app. 

Even if you delete the game, your data will be retained if you used it with your Facebook account.
You can always reinstall the game and use your existing game data.

+) We'll always be here for you. Come back anytime. :)
You can delete your account by selecting Settings (cogwheel) → Delete Account. 

In case you change your mind, there's a 24-hour grace period.

※ Your account will be deleted after 24 hours, along with all your game data, and cannot be restored by any means.