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  1. User identification can only be done using the information of an owner of the mobile phone. 
    * Only Korean mobile phone number can be used for user identification. )

    If you have a mobile phone under someone else's name, you will have to register your name as the actual user with the mobile service carrier, or go through the user identification using the information of the owner of your mobile phone. 

    If you go through user identification using the information of the actual owner of your phone, his or her information will be left in the user identification history. Thus, you may need to change the ownership to your name and then submit relevant documents to Kakao.

    If you keep getting error messages during identification although you're using your own phone and have entered correct Kakao Account information, it is likely that the user identification service is experiencing temporary technical issues. 

    Should the user identification keep failing, please contact the service provider indicated at the bottom of the user verification page.

  2. When you go through user identification using the information different from previously-verified information, you will get a message that your previous birthday does not match.

    Please check if you have gone through user identification using someone else's information, and make sure to use the same information for user identification.

    If the owner of your phone has changed while the phone number remains the same, you are required to submit supporting documents to our Customer Service to reset the user identification information.

    For more information regarding required documents and further enquiries, please contact our Customer Service.

  3. Age verification and user identification are required for users under 15. 

    If you don't see your birthday in the Birthday field, that means you are under 15, and user identification cannot proceed. 

  4. User identification using a phone registered under a corporate name is prohibited by mobile service carriers.

    But some mobile service carriers offer a verification service for corporate phones, so you can go through user identification using that service.

    For details, please contact your service carrier and ask about their verification service for corporate phones.