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  1. 2-Step Verification is a dual security service that requires you to go through additional confirmation when you enter Kakao Account and Password. 

    If you keep 2-Step Verification enabled, someone who knows your Kakao Account and Password cannot log in without additional confirmation so that you can secure your Kakao Account. 

    It is easy to set up 2-Step Verification with KakaoTalk or contact phone numbers. Please add a backup email just in case you lose access to your mobile phone.

  2. If you have not received KakaoTalk or text message for 2-Step Verification, please check the followings:


    1) KakaoTalk Verification

    If you're using KakaoTalk normally but have not received verification messages via KakaoTalk, check whether the account information entered for login matches up with the account information registered to KakaoTalk.

     You can check contact numbers and email information in [ KakaoTalk > My Profile > Settings > Profile Management ]. 


    2) Phone Number Verification

    There may be delays in delivering text messages depending on mobile carriers. If you're not receiving verification text for a while, tap the "Resend Verification Code" button.

     If the "1644" code or "Kakao" is blocked on your phone, text messages containing such keywords may have been filtered out. Please check your Settings information.


    3) Backup Email

    There may be delays in delivering emails depending on mail service. 

    If you're not receiving verification email for a while, tap the "Resend Verification Code" button. It could be sorted into Spams or an Individual Mailbox. Please search by keyword, "Kakao" or "카카오," in Inbox. 

    If you have not been receiving verification emails from Kakao Account, please contact your mail service website to resolve this issue.

  3. You can log in by verifying yourself via a backup email if you've lost access to your primary phone. 

    When logging in, click on "Verify via Email" on the bottom of the 2-Step Verification page to proceed with email verification.

    Once you're in your account, please change your 2-Step Verification information to backup phone numbers or KakaoTalk.

  4. Select "Do Not Use 2-Step Verification on this Browser" when logging in to Kakao Account, if you wish to simply log in from a trusted device. 

    Afterward, you can log in with the relevant account on the corresponding browser without additional confirmation. 

    However, we'd recommend you to go through 2-Step Verification from a shared device for secured services.