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"Bus stop & Bus" Favorites have been added.

You can instantly check information on buses that stop at your frequently used bus stops!

► How to add Favorites

1) "Bus stop" or "Bus" Favorites: Tap the Favorites button on the top of the page.

2) "Bus stop & Bus" Favorites: From the designated bus stop page, tap the Favorites button right next to the bus of your choice.

► How to edit your Favorites

1) Tap the triple-dotted menu to easily edit your Favorites; or,

2) Go to the side menu and select Edit Home to rearrange the order, edit or delete your Favorites.

► How many Favorites can I save?

You can save up to 50 "Bus," "Bus stop," "Bus stop & Bus" Favorites. In case of "Bus stop & Bus" Favorites, up to six buses can be added for a single bus stop, allowing you to save arrival information for up to 300 buses. 

Suggestions offers a variety of bus-related information based on your current location.

► Information provided in Suggestions:
- Nearby Stops: Closest bus stops based on your current location
- Night Buses Nearby: Night buses that operate near your current location
- Direct Bus to Home: Buses that go directly to the bus stop nearest to your home. * Don't forget to set up your home location before using this feature.
- Kakao Taxi: Lets you request a ride using Kakao Taxi using your current location, offering you an option if there are no buses available.

► How to manage Suggestions:
From the side menu, go to Edit Home > Suggestions and activate/deactivate the Suggestions feature.

You can get notifications for buses at a certain day and time without having to set them manually every time.
The schedule alarm comes in handy if you ride the bus at the same time every day.

▶︎ How to set the notification:
Tap the side menu and select Bus Arrival Notification. Tap the + button on the upper right corner and select Choose from Favorites and set up a time and day.

* You need to have a "Bus stop & Bus" Favorites already added to your Favorites list in order to set up a notification.