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If you don't like the quickest and simplest routes shown by KakaoMetro, you can set a stopover station by clicking "Add Stopover" at the top of the result screen.

How to set a stopover station

- Add Stopover : You can add a stopover station by searching a station name or selecting one from the map.

- Change Stopover : You can change the existing stopover station by searching a station name or selecting one from the map.

- Delete Stopover : Click "Via" and delete the stopover station. You can search the route without a stopover.

When you upgrade from Subway Navigation to Kakao Metro, you can retreive the existing Favorites list. It will be automatically copied during the first app update.
(*Please note that you cannot retrieve the old data if you use Kakao Metro after deleting Subway Navigation.)

Subway map, station information, timetables and route search are available offline.

◇Features unavailable offline: Realtime train information, Share Arrival Time, Arrival Alarm, Exit Information

Kakao Metro offers more than which carriage to take for quickest transfer. It will tell you which carriage to board to arrive adjacent to the subway exit you need!

-Station Information > Exit Information > Carriage near the exit
-Select departure and arrival stations > Search result > Last stop info, 'Get off at 6-1'

Check out bus stops, bus numbers and arrival updates for each exit. Without opening another app, you can access arrival information for buses you can transfer to from the subway. Detailed information are available via Kakao Bus.

-Station Information > Exit Information > Bus Information

Finding the right platform can be challenging and confusing especially at stations with multiple platforms. With Kakao Metro, you will find your platform easily without getting lost.

-Select departure and arrival stations > Search result > Under the station name, 'Platform 2'
(Available only when there are two or more platforms going in the same direction)

Need information on exp. train stops or timetables? You can choose to look at only the information on stations where exp. trains run.

-To see the map: Menu at the top left corner of subway map > Exp. Trains

-To turn off the map: Menu at the top left corner of subway map > General Trains

You don't need to log in to access main features like Station Information, Favorites and Route Search. However, when you log in with your Kakao Account, you can back up or restore Favorites, which will be a convenient feature when you change your phone or use multiple devices.

◇How to back up Favorites
Tab the menu on the top left corner of the subway map > Settings > Favorites Back-up

To provide more accurate information, our Fieldwork Team measured the actual distance between stations, and calculated the time required for transfer based on the average walking speed for adults (4.5km/h).

You can add up to 20 items to Favorites/History per city. If the maximum number is exceeded in History, the item added first will be deleted first.

-How to add to Favorites: Press the Favorites (star) button on the top right corner of the "Station Information" and "Search Result" pages. The white star will turn yellow and the item will be added to Favorites.
-How to remove from Favorites: Press the Favorites (star) button again on the "Station Information" or "Search Result" pages, or from the Favorites list. The yellow star will turn white and the item will be removed from Favorites.
-How to check your Favorites list: Tap the search window at the top of the subway map and you can see your Favorites list.