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Cheez-Talk is a new chat service where you can use animated GIFs.

You can create an animated GIF by taking your selfie using stickers and enter texts.

Then you can share the GIF with your friends and have chats.

The GIF shared on Cheez-Talk will be deleted in 24 hours.

Long-press the Cheez-Talk you sent and you will see options such as Save, Forward and Send to Talk. The Save feature for Android devices will become available soon.

- Save: The image will be saved on your phone. (Format: mp4), only available on IOS.

- Forward: The GIF (Chhee-Talk) can be forwarded to another chat room.

- Send to Talk: The GIF can be forwarded to a KakaoTalk chat room.

If you send an invitation to a friend who has not installed KakaoTalk Cheez, the friend must install the app to enter the chat room.

Ask your friend to install KakaoTalk Cheez and participate in the Cheez-Talk chat room.

One group chat room can invite up to 30 people. You can enter the chat room if the member limit has exceeded.

You can report or block a GIF by long-pressing the GIF message you received.

When you report a GIF, you have to select one of the two reason: Sexual / Adult Content or Illegal Information.

If a friend sent you an unpleasant Cheez-Talk message, you can long-press the user and block him or her.

Please contact the Customer Service to report rights infringement.

KakaoTalk Cheez may not work properly on low-specification devices.

(IOS : 8.0, AND : 4.3 or lower)

Please update KakaoTalk Cheez to the latest version (*Version Info: 3.0).

KakaoTalk is a free instant-messaging application for iPhone, Android, Windows PC and Mac, allowing them to send and receive messages as well as photos, videos, voice messages, location, contact information, and URL links, in 1:1 or group chats. 

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