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  1. KakaoTalk Calendar allows you to manage all your events made in KakaoTalk with more ease.
    There's no need for a separate account, you can start right away on your KakaoTalk.

    You can create events and invite your KakaoTalk friends, or view important days such as friends' birthdays and national holidays all at once.

    Also, if you need to discuss upcoming events, you can chat right away with those invited to the event, with a few taps/clicks.

    Don't worry about missing important events because your personal assistant Jordi will send reminders about your upcoming events.
  2. From KakaoTalk Calendar, create an event and select "Invites," and select a friend or a chatroom.

    Or, select Calendar from your chatroom + menu and invite all the chatroom participants to the event.
  3. Go to the chatroom of your choice and select Calendar from the + menu. Create a new event and the chatroom participants will be automatically invited.

    Or, go to KakaoTalk Calendar and create a new event and select "Invite." Choose a chatroom of your choice and all participants will be invited at once.
  4. Select an event you wish to edit, tap the three-dots icon on the top-right corner and select "Edit."

    Note that if you edit an event's date or time, the responses of invited members will be reset.
  5. Select an event you wish to delete, tap the three-dots icon on the top-right corner and select "Delete."

    Note that if you delete your event, all invited members will get notifications for the cancellation of the event.

    If you delete an event that you were invited to, the event will only be deleted from your calendar and your response will be shown as "Not going" to others.
  6. The list of events shown on the side menu of each chatroom are the upcoming events linked to that chatroom.
  7. Yes. Go to Menu on the top right corner of KakaoTalk Calendar service and select "Show Events from Device" > "Show Events."

    You will be able to view all events saved in your device as well as the ones in KakaoTalk Calendar.
  8. No, all events in KakaoTalk Calendar will only be available to you.

    Events that you are invited to are added to your Calendar as an individual event.
  9. No, even if you leave a chatroom the events related to that chatroom will remain in your KakaoTalk Calendar.
  10. A host can add descriptions when creating an event, for the purpose of sharing information to all invitees. Anyone who are invited to the event can view the description.

    Anyone can add notes, which are personal memos for each event. Only you can see the notes you wrote on your events.


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