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  1. KakaoTalk Calendar allows you to manage all your events made in KakaoTalk with more ease.
    There's no need for a separate account, you can start right away on your KakaoTalk.

    You can create events and invite your KakaoTalk friends, or view important days such as friends' birthdays and national holidays all at once.

    Also, if you need to discuss upcoming events, you can chat right away with those invited to the event, with a few taps/clicks.

    Notifications will be sent from the Talk Calendar Channel so that you will not miss any event or invites from friends.

    However, when using the Talk Calendar on a PC web browser, some functions provided only by KakaoTalk, such as inviting members of the chat room at once and talking with certain members, cannot be used.

  2. From KakaoTalk Calendar, go to [Create Event > Invites] and select a friend or a chatroom.
    Or, click [Events icon > Add Event] in a chatroom and creat an event to invite all chatroom participants.

  3. Select an event you wish to edit, and go to Details.

    Note that if you edit an event's date or time, the responses of invited members will be reset.
  4. You can select a specific date in the Talk Calendar to remove it from the schedule preview, or move to schedule specifics and click the button at the bottom to remove the schedule.
    If the deleted schedule was created by you and you have invited other members, the invited members will be notified that the schedule has been cancelled. If it is a schedule you were invited to, you will appear on other members' calendars as 'absent'.
  5. Basically, personal schedules registered in the Talk Calendar are displayed only to the individual. If there are members invited, the schedules are registered and visible on each member's Talk Calendar.
    However, if you use the iCal address create function to create an address that can access My Calendar then share it with others, the person with that address can view the schedules on My Calendar.

    Follow the instructions to create an iCal address.
    - Create an address: Talk Calendar Main> Hamburger menu on the upper right > 'Settings' icon on the upper right > Manage Calendar > Select the calendar you want to share > Create an address in iCal format

    After creating the address, if you register the address in a calendar app or service that supports iCal format address registration, you can check the schedule information registered in My Talk Calendar from the calendar app or service.
    Schedules provided in iCal format can only be viewed and cannot be edited or deleted.
  6. A host can add descriptions when creating an event, for the purpose of sharing information to all invitees. Anyone who are invited to the event can view the description.

    Anyone can add notes, which are personal memos for each event. Only you can see the notes you wrote on your events.
  7. Yes. Select the event, go to "Details" page and select "Report." Once you report an event, you will not receive invitations from that user anymore.
  8. On the left side of KakaoTalk Calendar you can choose to view/hide "Holidays in Republic of Korea" and "Friends with Birthdays" by clicking the check box.

    If you don't see the menu, your side menu might be set as hidden. In this case, open the menu by clicking the three-lined icon on the top-left corner.
  9. Even if you allow notifications on your desktop from your talk calendar settings, you will not be able to receive notifications if you are blocking notifications on your talk calendar site from your browser settings.
    Please allow the notification authority of the Kakao calendar from the following menu in each browser.

    - Chrome Browser: Settings> Privacy & Security> Site Settings> "Permissions" Notifications> Add
    Kakao Calendar ( to the "Allow Notifications" group
    - Edge Browser: Settings> Cookies and Site Permissions> Notifications> Add
    Kakao Calendar ( to Allowed Groups
    Safari browser: Setting > Website > Notification > Enable the button on the right side of Kakao Calendar (

  10. Talk Calendar notifications are not supported on all versions of the Internet Explorer browser.
    All functions on Talk Calendar are best supported on Chrome and Edge browsers, therefore, we recommend downloading either one of the browsers.


If you can not find the answer, please contact our service center.