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  1. If you have a Kakao account, you can use the Talk Calendar on the web even if you have never signed up for KakaoTalk or do not have the KakaoTalk app.
    Talk Calendar Web:

    Later on, if you sign up for or log in KakaoTalk with the same Kakao account, you can view the same schedule information in the Talk Calendar within the KakaoTalk app.
  2. Friends' names on KakaoTalk are based on the contact info on your mobile. However, your PC does not have mobile contacts which may cause your friend's name to appear differently.
    If you have a KakaoTalk app on your Windows or Mac, you can match the names of your friends by opening the KakaoTalk app and proceeding with 'Sync Friend's Name'.
    • [How to sync your friend's name in Windows/Mac KakaoTalk app]
    Click the Sync button of [Friends List Sync] in 'More > Settings > Friends'.

    Also, if you turn on the 'Sync Friend's Name' option in the mobile KakaoTalk app, you can prevent your friend's name in the mobile KakaoTalk and web calendars from appearing differently afterwards.
    • [How to turn on the 'Sync Friend's Name' option in the mobile KakaoTalk app]
    Turn on the 'Sync Friend's Name' option in 'See More tab at the bottom 4th > Settings icon at the top right > Friends'.
  3. Even when using Talk Calendar web, only Talk friends can be invited to the schedule and the function of inviting other people via email is not available.
    Therefore, if you only have a Kakao account and that account is not registered to KakaoTalk, you can create and manage personal schedules, but cannot create schedules to invite others to join you.
  4. You can go to Talk Calendar settings and enable "Friend's Invites", which blocks Talk Calendar notifications if you are invited to events by people who are not your friends.

    - Talk Calendar Main > "Settings" menu on the upper right > Notifications > Enable "Friend's Invites"


If you can not find the answer, please contact our service center.