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  1. We developed Talk Timer to help users concentrate better when they need to concentrate while using Kakao Talk.
    You can use Talk Timer by clicking Talk Timer on the "More" menu in KakaoTalk for PC.
    (Only available on PCs using Windows OS.)

    Talk Timer uses the Pomodoro technique which manages a concentration time and a break time as a set.
    Use Talk Timer and concentrate more efficiently when you have to concentrate on your study or handle a urgent task.

    What is the Pomodoro Technique?
    : It is a time management method based on 25-minute stretches of focused work broken by 5 minute breaks, resulting in better focus.

    1. How do I use the timer?
    Select an activity you want to focus on.

    Click the Start button of the timer.
    In Talk Timer, a concentration time and a break time is grouped as one set.
    Focus for 25 minutes, take a 5-minute break, and then focus again.

    2. How do I change the time in Talk Timer?
    Click the Pencil icon to edit the timer.
    You can set the duration of concentration time and break time for each category you want to focus on.
    If you enable "Turn OFF Alert during concentration", you will not receive KakaoTalk notifications while you're concentrating.

    3. Where can I check my records?

    You can check your concentration records for the past 7 days in Records.

    *Please note.*
    * The Talk Timer Records only shows your records for the past 7 days. Any record created earlier will not be saved.
    * Talk Timer does not support data backup or synchronization. If you change your PC or delete the app, categories, timer settings, and records will be reset.

  2. [General]

    New Chatting

        Ctrl + N

    Add friend

        Ctrl + A

    Lock Mode

        Ctrl + L


        Alt + N


        Alt + X

    Open Talk Drive

        Ctrl + J

    Open Main Window

        Ctrl + Shift + M

    Open KakaoTalk Calendar

        Ctrl + D

    [Chat Room]

    Close chatroom


    Send messages


    Change lines

        Ctrl + Enter, Shift + Enter


        Ctrl + I

    Save Chat messages

        Ctrl + S

    Go to the selected Chatroom

        Ctrl + Page Up/Down

    Send a file

       Ctrl + T

    Open Chatroom archives-Files

       Ctrl + K

    Open emoticon window

        Ctrl + E

    Close emoticon window


    Move up/down/right/left to select emoticon


    Select multiple emoticons


    Select emoticon



        Ctrl + Shift + C

    Cancel capturing


    Send the captured image


    Copy the captured image

        Ctrl + C

    Save the captured image

        Ctrl + S

    [Photo Viewer]

    Copy a file

        Ctrl + C

    Save a file

        Ctrl + S

    Print a file

        Ctrl + P

    [Friend List]

    Move up/down friends list

         Page Up/Down

    View mini-profile


    1:1 chat


    [Chat List]

    Move up/down chatrooms list

         Page Up/Down

    Enter chatroom


    Leave chatroom


    Mark as read


  3. If you suspect that someone has logged in to your PC using your Kakao Account, you can take the following steps: 

    1) When a user logs in to the PC version, an alert message is sent to the mobile device. Therefore, you can immediately find out if someone is using your Kakao Account. 

    2) Go to More > Settings > Privacy > Manage Devices and tap [Logout] or [Deregister PC]. 

    3) Change the e-mail address or password of your Kakao Account. 

    If you wish to investigate further into a possible ID theft, report to a nearby police station or cyber police. Please bear in mind that you must maintain your KakaoTalk membership when you file a report. If you were not specifically harmed, there may be limitations in conducting the investigation. Since KakaoTalk does not have investigation rights, we are unable to help with issues related to account thefts. 

    However, we will actively cooperate with police upon request by providing necessary information related to the investigation. 

  4. The log-in process in the PC version consists of two steps. You are experiencing this problem because you completed the first step, but failed to complete the second step. 

    Once the first step is completed successfully, a log-in alert is sent to your mobile device. However, you may still fail to complete the second step because network administrators at banks, government offices, public institutions or certain companies may block the use of messenger programs such as KakaoTalk for security reasons. In this case, you cannot use KakaoTalk. 

  5. Once your PC is deregistered, all personal data on your computer will be deleted completely.
  6. If you are seeing this error message even though your network connection is stable, the firewall settings on your PC at work or public places may be the reason. 

    Network administrators at banks, government offices, public institutions or certain companies may block the use of messenger programs such as KakaoTalk for security reasons. In this case, you cannot use KakaoTalk. 

  7. You can only register up to 5 PCs per Kakao Account. If you want to add another PC, you must deregister one of your current PCs.

    [How to deregister on mobile]

    Go to More > Settings > Privacy > Manage Devices.  

    [How to deregister on PC]

    Log in to the PC that you want to deregister and go to Settings > General > Deregister Desktop. 

  8. User verification is required to ensure security in the PC version. 

    The registration is required only the first time. You can register your PC by entering a registration code sent to your mobile device. 

    You can register up to 5 PCs per Kakao account. 

  9. On your mobile KakaoTalk, go to More > Settings > Privacy > Kakao Account to change your password. 
  10. In the Notification Center, you can view the list of comments/likes on your post and get notifications for friends' birthdays.


If you can not find the answer, please contact our service center.