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A flag appears next to a chat partner's profile picture if they are a user outside of your country code and are not in your friends list. Please submit a spam report if that individual claims to know you and sends suspicious messages, such as monetary requests. 

The system will automatically enforce measures to limit your use of KakaoTalk if you send more than a defined number of messages to individual users or to a group chatroom.


Use of the service will also be limited if a large number of reports are submitted.


A message that reads "Your KakaoTalk access has been temporarily suspended according to our service policy." will be shown.


This is intended to block illegal advertising or users who impose a burden to the system or discomfort to other users.


Since KakaoTalk is unaware of the contents that are exchanged in chat conversations between users, this policy will be applied to all chats, in accordance to the service operation policy, regardless of the contents or intentions of the exchanged messages.


Therefore, please be cautious when sending any information to a multiple number of users for the intention to get the information out to the masses.  

Go to More > Settings > Friends > Blocked Friends to unblock a friend.

You have the option to Add, Block, Report Spam when you receive a message from a person who is not on your friends list. If the message is a spam, tap the Report Spam button to submit a spam report. 

Even when KakaoTalk push notifications are enabled, they may not appear 100% of the time. This is especially the case when the network is changing (Wi-Fi to 3G or vice versa). Push notifications can be lost or delayed in delivery at this time. As iPod Touch devices work only with Wi-Fi, when they are on sleep-mode, push notifications will arrive in 15 minute intervals.
Go to More > Settings > Notifications and disable Group Chat Notification.
Tap the yellow icon on the bottom-right corner of the Chats tab. 
Select multiple friends from your Friends list and tap OK to start a group chat. 

OR - If you are already in a chatroom, tap the triple-lined button on the top-right corner and select Invite to invite more friends to your chatroom.

Creating a Kakao Account secures one email address you can use to explore all of Kakao's applications and linked services. 

Go to More > Settings > Privacy > Kakao Account to create a Kakao account. With your Kakao account, you can restore your information including your friends list, recommended friends list, blocked friends list, hidden friends list, sent/received items, KakaoTalk ID, profile picture and status message. (Friends whose phone numbers are not saved in your contacts will be displayed under their set name.)  

* NOTE : You may only use one Kakao Account per mobile number (and vice versa); you may not set more than one number to your Kakao Account. It is possible to have more than one mobile number registered to separate Kakao Accounts using a separate email address. If you attempt to connect your Kakao Account to a different phone number than originally registered, you will automatically be unregistered from the account. 

- If you have changed your phone number and had your new phone number verified, and then attempt to re-connect with your previous Kakao account, then your previous KakaoTalk will be deleted.   

Go to the Find tab (the magnifying glass icon) > Find button > ID Search to find your friends by KakaoTalk ID.

KakaoTalk ID is an identification username used in place of a phone number. Users can easily search and add friends by KakaoTalk IDs instead of by phone number.  


If you can not find the answer, please contact our service center.