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Secret Chat uses end-to-end encryption which offers greater levels of privacy and bolsters security of user information. All messages are encrypted with a key held only by the participants of the chat so no third parties can access secret chat content without accessing the device itself. Secret Chat is currently available for 1:1 and group chatrooms. 

In a secret chatrooom, features including free calling, polls, events and chatroom album are currently not available.

[How to start a Secret Chat] 

In 1:1 chatroom, tap the triple-lined menu on the top-right corner and select Secret Chat.

OR - Go to the Chats tab and tap the + icon on the bottom-right corner and select Secret Chat.

A public key is used to exchange secret keys which encrypt messages in a secret chatroom.

There are three types of keys—a public key, a private key and a secret key.

A secret key is used to encrypt messages in a secret chatroom. Secret keys of the participants will be exchanged once the secret chatroom is created. Public keys are used to encrypt secret keys and private keys are used to decrypt secret keys.

Unlike the private key and the secret key, the public key is open to public and is used to determine whether the chat with other party is secured.

You can check the public key image in the secret chatroom by going into the chatroom menu > Settings > Public Key. If the public key image is identical to your friend's, that means your chat is secured.

If you reinstall KakaoTalk or change your mobile device, your encryption key will be changed. If your encryption key is changed, you will not be able to chat in your existing secret chatrooms. You will need to start new secret chats.

KakaoTalk v5.0.0 includes a new preview feature for URLs entered in the chatroom.

A preview of your URL will be displayed so that you and your friends can easily see more of shared links while chatting.

No, you will only receive notifications for those who have entered their birthday information on KakaoStory and enabled the option to display their birthday on KakaoTalk profile.
(To enable/disable this option, go to KakaoStory > Settings > Link KakaoTalk Profile > Birthday)

You can delete your recent search history by tapping the X button. 

You can also go to Settings > Privacy and disable Save Recent Searches to hide your recent search history. 

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