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Open Friends Tab

    + 1

Open Chat Tab

    + 2

Open See More Tab

    + 3

Open KakaoTalk Calendar

    + D

Activate Search Bar

    + F

Lock Mode

    + L

Close Window

    + W, ESC


    + Q


[Chat Room]

Send Messages


Change Lines

   Shift + Enter


    + I

Send a File

    + O

Open Emoticon Window

    + E

Alarm ON/OFF

    + Y

Fix on Top ON/OFF

    + T

Favorites ON/OFF

    + B

Chatroom Setting

    + Option + [ , ]

Close Chatroom

    + W, ESC


[Photo Viewer]

Copy a File

    + C

Save a File

    + S

Zoom In Photo


Zoom Out Photo


Play/Pause Video

   Space, Enter


[Friend List]

Move Up/Down Friends List


1:1 Chat



[Chat List]

Move Up/Down Chatrooms List


Enter Chatroom


Mark as Read



You can log in with the Kakao Account e-mail address and password registered in KakaoTalk on your mobile device.


On your mobile KakaoTalk go to More > Settings > Privacy > Kakao Account and register your primary e-mail address as your Kakao Account. Follow the instructions to complete the e-mail verification process.

[What is a Kakao Account?] 

A Kakao Account is an account used to identify a KakaoTalk user using his/her e-mail address as an ID. 

You can create a Kakao Account with an email address in More  > Settings > Privacy > Kakao Account on your mobile. You can retrieve your KakaoTalk data in case you lose your mobile device or change your phone number.  


You can start a group chat by adding friends in a 1:1 chatroom or group chatroom, or create a new group chatroom.


- Click [New chat] icon on the top of Friends or Chat menu.

- Select [Invite Friends] from the chatroom menu.


On your mobile KakaoTalk, go to More > Settings > Privacy > Kakao Account to change your password.

I don't see Kakao Talk Channels messages.
I don't see my Kakao Talk Channels on KakaoTalk for Mac.


No, only mobile users can use KakaoTalk for Mac since it is intended as a more convenient tool for mobile users. 





The names of your KakaoTalk friends are based on the names in your mobile contacts. 

Since your Mac does not have your mobile contacts, the names of your friends may appear differently from those shown in the mobile version. 

On your mobile device, go to More > Settings > Friends and enable "Match Names" to sync names between your mobile device and Mac.

KakaoTalk for Mac is available on OS X 10.12 or over. 

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