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In the Notification Center, you can view the list of comments/likes on your post, get notifications for friends' birthdays and important notices.

In order to prevent spam, we do not allow virtual numbers, internet phone numbers, etc.

KakaoTalk stores messages on the server for users who cannot check messages immediately.
These messages will be stored on the server for 2-3 days and will then be deleted permanently from the server for your privacy.

Please note that you may not be able to check your messages if you turn off your phone or you are not connected to a network for more than 2-3 days.
Also, if you do not log in to KakaoTalk Desktop for more than 3 days, you may not be able to check messages delievered during that time on your mobile from your desktop.

We ask for your previously-verified phone number in order to prevent other people from logging in with your Kakao account. 

If you have forgotten your previous phone number, you cannot log in with your Kakao account and your previous KakaoTalk data, including your friends list and KakaoTalk ID, cannot be restored.

KakaoTalk themes are provided as APK files (Android application package files) to ensure performance and scalability.

To apply a theme, install a KakaoTalk theme file (.apk), go to More  > Settings > Display > Themes on KakaoTalk and choose a theme you wish to apply.

For more KakaoTalk themes, you can download compatible themes from Google Play Store or from the Internet.

*NOTE: As a KakaoTalk theme file only consists of images and colors used in the theme, it does not require any special permissions during installation. If you are asked to give certain permissions, please do not install the file because it may not be safe.

Kakao's theme feature allows you to easily customize your KakaoTalk screens, chat bubbles, colors and more by applying a theme of your choice. 

You can also add friends using the ID Search, QR Code or Shake features. Go to the Find tab (the magnifying glass icon) to explore different ways to find and add your friends. 

If you receive that message without having changed your device, then your Kakao account's email address or password may have been compromised. Please immediately verify your phone number, re-register to KakaoTalk, change your Kakao account password, then log in to KakaoTalk.  

We recommend you use a new and unique password and continue to change your password frequently. 

If your Kakao account has been, or may have been, logged-in (accessed) by an individual with unlawful intentions, then you must immediately register again by verifying your phone number, change your Kakao account password, and re-connect to KakaoTalk. 

Contact your local police station or file a report with the Cyber Terror Response Center if you wish to investigate the incident. 

You must not unregister from KakaoTalk if you wish to file a report, and you may have difficulties in the investigation if you have not experienced any damage. 

Kakao does not have the right to investigate such matters, and we would like to ask for your understanding if we are unable to directly resolve possible damages. 

We will submit all necessary information upon request from the police and fully cooperate with the investigation.

Kakao Account is a very secure way to store your KakaoTalk info and access the span of our services. However, if you use your Kakao Account password in other email services or websites, and if those websites have been endangered, then your Kakao account may also be at risk. We recommend you use a new and unique password and continue to change your password frequently.  


If you can not find the answer, please contact our service center.