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  1. The Android version of KakaoTalk has some functions downloaded only when necessary, not at the time of app installation, to provide efficient services.

    When the target function is downloaded, The 'Load to the KakaoTalk screen' popup displays, and Google Play Store notifications may appear. Once the loading is complete, you can use the function immediately and no longer need to load it again when using the function.

    This is a downloading officially supported by Google Play Store. It is impossible to search to download certain functions or deliver them via a separate URL according to the Google Play Store policy, so please keep this in mind when using the service.

    Also, please note that we do not provide the Delete option for the Load function.

  2. "Leave Silently" is available when you update KakaoTalk to v.10.2.0 or a higher version.

    1. How to enable "Leave Silently" in Kakao Lab
    • KakaoTalk> "Settings" icon (⚙️) on the top right corner of the More tab > Kakao Lab > Leave Silently ON/OFF

    2. How to use "Leave Silently"
    • Click the menu button in a group chatroom and tap the "Leave" icon.
    • Check "Leave Silently" and tap Leave.

    ▣ Tips
    • The More tab (...) is the 5th tab located at the bottom of the KakaoTalk screen.
    • This feature cannot be used in private chats and Open Chat.
    • The "Leave Silently" option will not be shown if you leave a chatroom using the swipe feature from a chat list or the chatroom editing feature.

  3. Please double-check if you have left a chatroom without checking "Leave Silently" before you clicked "Leave".

    Also, the "Leave Silently" option will not be shown if you leave a chatroom using the swipe feature from a chatroom list or the chatroom editing feature, even if you have enabled the option in Kakao Lab.

    Please try again and see if you can see the Leave Silently option when you attempt to leave a chatroom by tapping the Leave icon.

    [How to leave a chatroom silently]
    • KakaoTalk > Chat List > Chatroom > Top right corner (≡) > Leave


If you can not find the answer, please contact our service center.