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  1. If you find that a post or comment on the Open Chat Board violates KakaoTalk Operation Policy, please report it according to the following steps. The complainant’s personal information will not be disclosed to the reported person to protect his/her privacy.

    ◼ Report a post
    1) Select ‘...’ on the top right corner of the post.
    2) Select [Report].
    3) Check ‘Reasons for Reporting’ on the Report pop-up.
    4) Select [Complete].

    ◼︎ Report a comment
    1) Select ‘...’ on the right side of the comment
    2) Select [Report].
    3) Check ‘Reasons for Reporting’ on the Report pop-up.
    4) Select [Complete].

    • Note that you may be restricted to use the service if you file a false report.

    • Please see
    here to check if KakaoTalk Operation Policy is violated.
  2. You can't report a message from your friends.

    If you need to report illegal acts of a friend that you added or you're being threatened by the person, please report the relevant message after disabling (deleting or blocking) the friend relationship.

    [How to delete a friend]
    1) Right-click the other party's profile on the KakaoTalk Friends list and select [Hide].
    2) Press Settings (cogwheel) on the bottom left side of the list and click [Settings].
    3) Click [Manage Friends > Hidden Friends].
    4) Click [Delete] on the right side of the person's profile you want to remove.

    [How to block a friend]
    Go to Help >

    [How to report a 1:1 chat message]
    Go to Help >

    The relevant chat room and content will be deleted when reported. Please note that you must visit the investigation agency and submit a report if you need help from it, or you must capture the content or store it via 'Export Chat Message' if necessary.

    [How to export a chat message]
    Go to Help >

    The reported person will be automatically blocked when your report is accepted. If you're still obliged to continue chatting with the person, please unblock the relationship and continue the conversation.

    [How to unblock friends]
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    If it is necessary to take measures against the other party's illegal acts, please notify us via Customer Service after reporting the relevant message. We will review whether the case violates the operation policy and take necessary measures.


If you can not find the answer, please contact our service center.