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  1. Team Chat is a new chatroom available only to Talk Drive users.
    Chats and media exchanged through Team Chat is stored in real-time and can be seen by members who join while the chat is in progress.
  2. Team Chats can be created by Talk Drive subscribers using the steps below.
    • KakaoTalk > chat list > chat bubble at the upper right > Team Chat
    • Mobile KakaoTalk > More (…) > Drive > select "Team Chat" in the My Talk Drive menu > select the Add (+) button
  3. Like regular group chatrooms, Team Chat allows up to 3,000 people in the chatroom.
  4. You can create up to 1,000 Team Chats. There is no limit to the number of Team Chats you can join as a member.
  5. The updated profile image will only be shown in the device of the person who made the changes, even if the host updates the image.
  6. Only users who have the host role are able to remove participants from the Team Chat.

    • Mobile KakaoTalk > your Team Chat > upper right menu(≡) > Settings (gear icon) > Team Settings > Team Members
  7. The host can request to reassign the role of host to a team member who is a Talk Drive subscriber.
    There is no time or frequency limit to reassigning the role of the host, which allows hosts to continue to use the data in the chatroom.
    However, requests to reassign the host role cannot be made to other members when a request in already in progress.
  8. Hosts can follow the steps below to enable members to view chats that occurred before members joined the chat.

    • Mobile KakaoTalk > More (…) > Drive > Team Chat > select Team Chat chatroom > Settings (gear icon) > Manage Access > enable Previous Data
    • Mobile KakaoTalk > chat list > your Team Chat > upper right menu (≡) > Settings on the lower right (gear icon) > Team Settings > Manage Access > enable Previous Data
    If you are a member and unable to see previous chats, this may mean that the host has turned off the Previous Data setting or the chat backup data has been deleted. 
    Kakao cannot check whether the Previous Data setting has been enabled or chat backup data has been deleted, so please contact the host to know more.
  9. If the host leaves, the Team Chat chatroom is deleted, along with the backed up chats, photos, files, links and # Folder.
    Such data cannot be restored and no one will be able to rejoin the chatroom.
    However, if a member leaves a Team Chat, they can rejoin the chatroom and reload all previous chats.
  10. Messages can be deleted from Team Chat in the following conditions.
    • Participants can delete messages from all participants' chatrooms or just their own chatroom.
    • Participants can only delete messages they send within 5 minutes from transmission.
    • Hosts cannot delete messages from their own chatroom.
    • Chats can be deleted so that it is not shown to all participant within three (3) days after the message has been sent. However, we recommend that the message be deleted within two (2) days.


If you can not find the answer, please contact our service center.