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Free Call is a feature allowing you to make a Voice/Video call for free with your KakaoTalk friends. 

To pull up your friend's KakaoTalk profile. 

1) Locate the person on your Friends list and tap to open their profile.

2) At the bottom of the profile, tap the Free Call button. 

3) Tap Voice or Video Call in order to start the call. 

From inside a chatroom:

1) In a 1:1 chatroom, tap the + menu. 

2) Tap the Voice or Video Call button to start a call. 

All calls on KakaoTalk are free when made using Wi-Fi. If you need to use data to make the call, certain charges may apply according to your data plan/mobile carrier. 

Therefore, calls made with 3G/LTE connection may be subject to a charge. 

The built-in microphone on your device can only be used for one function at a time. Therefore it's not possible to be on a Voice Call/Video Call and a regular phone call at the same time. If you answer a regular phone call, your Voice/Video Call will terminate automatically. 

You will receive a push notification through KakaoTalk when you receive a Video Call or a Voice Call. Please make sure your chatroom notifications are enabled. 

We suggest you send a message to your friend before making a Video Call/Voice Call to be sure they are available. 

1) Go to your device settings and make sure that your microphone has been enabled for KakaoTalk. 

2) Please make sure you have not set your microphone to Mute during a Video Call/Voice Call. 

3) Your friend should also check to be sure that his/her device has the volume up. 

KakaoTalk's calling freature can sometimes get disconnected if your network or your friend’s network is unstable. If you are moving or if the network that you are connected to is weak, the quality of the call may drop. We recommend to call in WiFi for the best performance.  

Group call is a mVoIP-based feature that enables you to talk with your friends in a group of 3 to 5 people in a chatroom. 
If your device does not have a built-in microphone (e.g. iPod Touch), please connect a microphone. 
(We recommend that you make calls on a Wi-Fi network to ensure the best call quality and to avoid carrier network data charges. 
Please contact your service provider for more information as data charges may vary depending on the carrier.)
Group call connection or quality of the connection may be poor if your or your friend's device or the network status is in poor condition.

Once your call is connected, you will see the “Voice Filters” button on the the screen. You can then select a filter to speak to your friend in Tom or Ben’s voice. 

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