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  1. Voice Room is a voice chat feature within KakaoTalk's Open Chat.

    Voice Rooms can only be created by hosts or admins in group open chatrooms. (Not available in 1:1 open chatrooms)

    Voice Rooms can accommodate up to 1,500 users, which is the maximum number of people allowed in open chatrooms.

    Users can either be a moderator, speaker or listener in a Voice Room.

    The host or admin who first creates the Voice Room becomes the moderator. Other hosts or admin will enter the Voice Room as a listener. The moderator can change roles to make other users moderators/speakers/listeners. Each Voice Room can have up to 10 speakers, including the moderator. The moderator can invite other speakers to be a moderator.

    Users, who have entered the Voice Room as a listener and wish to speak, can request the moderator to change their role to become a speaker.

    The Voice Room will automatically close 48 hours after it is created. A notification will be sent 10 minutes before the Voice Room is closed.

  2. The voice information that is detailed in the personal information collection consent pop-up is only sent to the Kakao report server when a report has been filed.

    The collected information is deleted immediately after the Voice Room closes if no report has been submitted.

  3. Free Call is a feature allowing you to make a Voice/Video call for free with your KakaoTalk friends. 

  4. To pull up your friend's KakaoTalk profile. 

    1) Locate the person on your Friends list and tap to open their profile.

    2) At the bottom of the profile, tap the Free Call button. 

    3) Tap Voice or Video Call in order to start the call. 

    From inside a chatroom:

    1) In a 1:1 chatroom, tap the + menu. 

    2) Tap the Voice or Video Call button to start a call. 

  5. All calls on KakaoTalk are free when made using Wi-Fi. If you need to use data to make the call, certain charges may apply according to your data plan/mobile carrier. 

    Therefore, calls made with 3G/LTE connection may be subject to a charge. 

  6. The built-in microphone on your device can only be used for one function at a time. Therefore it's not possible to be on a Voice Call/Video Call and a regular phone call at the same time. If you answer a regular phone call, your Voice/Video Call will terminate automatically. 

  7. Android & iOS : KakaoTalk 5.1.0 or above (Android OS 4.0 or above)

    Please note that this feature may not work on some Android devices.

  8. By using an earpiece/headphones/headset, you can experience better call quality.

    We also recommend that you use an earpiece made by your device manufacturer for best quality. 

  9. Group call is a mVoIP-based feature that enables you to talk with your friends in a group of 3 to 5 people in a chatroom. This feature is available for KakaoTalk version 6.1.5 or above on Android and iOS. 

    If your device doesn't have a built-in microphone (e.g. iPod Touch), please connect a microphone. 

    We recommend that you make calls on a Wi-Fi network to ensure the best call quality and to avoid extra charges from your wireless carrier. Please contact your service provider for more information as data charges may vary depending on the carrier. 

  10. Group call may not be available in the following situations:

    - If you are using a KakaoTalk version that does not support group call. (v5.1.0 or above is required.)

    - Group call connection or quality of the connection may be poor if your or your friend's device or the network status is in poor condition.


If you can not find the answer, please contact our service center.