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  1. Your Story ID cannot be changed once it is registered. 
  2. If you can't remember your Kakao Account or password, you can find it in the following website. 

    You can also find your Kakao Account and password by clicking "Forgot your e-mail or password?" at the bottom of the login screen.  

  3. Once you are unregistered from KakaoStory, your stories and friendships will be deleted permanently.
    All lost data cannot be restored, so please think carefully.
    Please note that comments you have left on your friends' stories and photos will not be removed.   

  4. Your friends can now easily find you on KakaoStory, only with your Story ID.
    They no longer need to know your phone number or KakaoTalk ID.

     Please create your own Story ID as follows : 
      - PC Web : Add a Story ID in [Settings > General Settings]
      - App : Add a Story ID in [MyStory > Edit Profile]
     You can create an ID with 4~15 digit English characters or numbers. Once you register your ID, you can no longer edit or delete it.