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  1. You can find a friend using a Story ID by entering the Story ID you want to search in the KakaoStory search window and press "Search ID". 
  2. Settings > General > Notifications and disable notifications for Friends' Birthdays.   
  3. Settings > Friends/Following Settings, and set the preference for friend requests to "Friends of Friends". 
  4. You can find the 'Waiting to be friends' list by going into MyStory > Friends/Following.

    Tap on 'Cancel' to cancel the friend request sent. 

  5. Go to MyStory > Friends > Following and check the list of users you are following. 

    Then, swipe a user you wish to unfollow. 

  6. You can click "Messages" icon on the top right corner of your friend's Story home and send a message. 
  7. Click the More […] button on the Story home of the user you want to unfriend, and select "Unfriend".