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  1. You may link your KakaoTalk and KakaoStory by item.
    Settings > Link KakaoTalk Profile and disable Stories. 
    Your Public stories written on KakaoStory will not be displayed on KakaoTalk Profile Home.  
  2. You may turn off the visitor graph. 

    Click Settings at the top right corner of the visitor graph,  or Settings > MyStory Privacy Settings > Visitors, and disable the visitor graph.   

  3. Go to MyStory > Edit Profile Information > Birthday.     

    You can delete your birthday information. 
  4. You may edit your profile information by clicking MyStory and then Edit Profile. 

  5. Go to MyStory > Edit Profile > Birthday.     

    You can enter your lunar birthday and edit other birthday information. 

  6. You can set notifications by item.

    Please go to [Notification Center > […] button > Push Notifications] to change push settings by item.

  7. Please go to [MyStory > Edit Profile >Birthday] to edit your birthday information, including lunar, solar, etc.
  8. You can adjust the privacy setting for Visit Count.
    Click [Settings] in the top right corner of  the visitor graph or go to [Settings > MyStory Privacy Settings > Visit Count]. You can now choose from [Public/Friends/Only Me]. 

  9. You can separately interlink KakaoTalk and KakaoStory, item by item.

    Please select 'Do not connect' in [Settings > Link KakaoTalk Profile], if you want to disconnect KakaoStory.

  10. Long press a notification to remove it from the list; then, you'll see the Delete button.