Will I be suspended from using KakaoTalk if I send multiple messages to a large number of people?

The system will automatically enforce measures to limit your use of KakaoTalk if you send more than a defined number of messages to individual users or to a group chatroom.


Use of the service will also be limited if a large number of reports are submitted.


A message that reads "Your KakaoTalk access has been temporarily suspended according to our service policy." will be shown.


This is intended to block illegal advertising or users who impose a burden to the system or discomfort to other users.


Since KakaoTalk is unaware of the contents that are exchanged in chat conversations between users, this policy will be applied to all chats, in accordance to the service operation policy, regardless of the contents or intentions of the exchanged messages.


Therefore, please be cautious when sending any information to a multiple number of users for the intention to get the information out to the masses.