How do I cancel the item that has already been sent?

If you want to cancel the sent item or get a refund,

1) Go to [More > Settings > Gift Box] or [Gift Shop > 선물함 > 보낸 선물함]
2) Select an item you wish to cancel or refund
3) Tap "주문 취소" at the bottom.

Please note that you cannot cancel the order if the person who received the item has already used it.
If the item has expired, the person who received the item will receive a refund of 90%.
The expiration date for coupons can be extended twice within original time period of validity after issue - Gift vouchers: within 180 days / Gift certificates: within 270 days

However, the expiration date for 0 Won gift certificates offered temporarily and promotion related products may be subject to different terms than general products.

(Please note that there may be a difference in policies and procedures in accordance with the vendors' policies. Please refer to Terms & Conditions of the individual vendors for further information.)

Please refer to the below contacts if the coupon has expired or if you have any inquiries regarding refunds.

Gifticon (기프티콘) : 1800-0133 (09:00-18:00 weekdays)
Giftishow (기프티쇼) : 1588-6474 (09:00-18:00 weekdays / lunch hours: 12:00-13:00)
Gifting (기프팅) : 1666-5046 (09:00-18:00 weekdays)
Cootoo (쿠투) : 1566-2226 (09:00-18:00 weekdays)
카카오 구매하기 : 1544-2431 (10:00-19:00 weekdays)