I am trying to find my password but don't know what my previous phone number is.

To prevent other people from logging in with your Kakao Account, you must provide your previous phone number associated with your Kakao Account or the previous phone number used for Kakao Talk when finding a password.

You must remember your previous phone number because Kakao cannot tell you. If you don't remember your previous phone number, please check the instructions below and try again.

1. Is Kakao Talk still installed on your previous device?

Open Kakao Talk and you can find the previously verified phone number in More > Edit Profile.

2. Has your phone number changed?

If your phone number has changed, try to recall the previous phone number and enter that number. If you can't remember the number, ask your family or friends if they have your old phone number.
If that still doesn't work, contact your mobile service carrier or mobile phone agent.

3. Have you switched to a new phone or a new carrier?

When you switched to a new carrier, or re-subscribed to the mobile phone service with the same carrier, a temporary number may have been issued and changed without your knowledge. Contact your mobile service carrier or mobile phone dealer and ask if your phone number has been changed or if any temporary number has been issued.

4. Have you used a no-contract phone which had been owned by someone else, or have you logged in from a shared device?

It is possible that the device you used to log in may already have a Kakao Account with a different phone number. Please ask the previous owner of the device about the phone number.

5. Have your family or friend logged in with your Kakao Account?

If your family member or friend has logged in with your Kakao Account to access Kakao games or other services, try entering that person's phone number as the previous phone number.
(To protect your personal information, please do not log in using someone else's phone number or device.)