What should I do if I suspect someone has logged in with my Kakao Account?

Check the information below if you suspect someone else has logged in with your Kakao Account or if there is history or notification of login attempts you did not make.

1. Immediately reset your Kakao Account password.

If you use the email or password you entered into your Kakao Account in other services, another person may be attempting to compromise your Kakao Account with information they acquired (or were distributed to them) when personal information was leaked from other services. Therefore, you must use a password that has not been used in any other service as your Kakao Account password. We also recommend that you do not use information that can easily be predicted by others (such as a password that is identical to your ID, your date of birth, name or phone number) as your password.

Reset password

2. Once you've reset your password, check your login history. 

Once you have reset your password, check your login history for any suspicious attempts. Any suspicious attempts will be deleted if you log out of all services when you reset your password. Otherwise, records of suspicious login attempts may remain in your login history. Press the logout button if you find any suspicious login attempts.

Manage login information

3. Enable 2-step verification to safely use your account.

Enable 2-step verification for an added layer of protection. You will be required to enter your Kakao Account and password, as well as an additional verification method to log in. We recommend that you use an email that has not been used elsewhere as your additional verification method, in order to protect your information from others.

Enable 2-step verification

Security measures are in place once you have completed steps 1 to 3. You can now safely use your Kakao Account. Please submit a report to the Cyber Terror Response Center if you have experienced material damage after the suspicious login attempt.

Please read the following if the problem is still not resolved using the above methods.

Contact Customer Service if someone reset the email or contact information connected to your Kakao Account, or if you have followed the directions provided above but are still unable to log into your Kakao Account due to a 2-step verification process that was enabled by someone other than yourself.

Once an inquiry about a suspected account fraud is submitted, Customer Service will process the report once the user has been verified.

Inquire about account fraud/hacking attempts