I can't log in with my Kakao Account because I forgot my password. How can I reactivate the account?

If you forgot your Kakao Account password, you can change your password after going through email verification by clicking the link below.

* From Kakao Talk or Kakao Story app > Click "Forgot your email or password?" > Select "Reset Password" > Enter email address and reset password
* On https://accounts.kakao.com or https://story.kakao.com: Click "Find Password" at the bottom of the webpage

If your account has already been disabled, it will be reactivated once password reset is completed.
If you received a notification of account inactivity, or if your Kakao Account has not been disabled yet, you have to log in with your Kakao Account after password reset is completed to make sure your account is not disabled on the scheduled account disabled date.

To reset your password, you have to provide the previously-verified phone number or pass security questions for user identification.