My profile photo suddenly disappeared and my Kakao Account is marked as inactive, but I can't remember my Kakao Account email.

Kakao temporarily disables your account after 1 year of inactivity for security purposes pursuant to Article 16 (Expiration System of Personal Information) of the Enforcement Decree of the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, Etc.

Once your account is disabled, your personal information such as profile photos and birthdate will be stored safely or deleted, and the account is marked as inactive.
However, posts and comments on the Internet which are intended to make public will remain visible even after the account becomes inactive.

If you can't find your email address used for your Kakao Accounts which is marked as inactive, please check if you have received a notification of account inactivity from Kakao in your email inbox.
Kakao sends a notification of account inactivity to the user's Kakao Account email one month before the account is disabled.

If you can't find such an email in your inbox, please fill out the following information as much as you can. We will tell you a part of your email address matching the information you have provided.

- Phone number used to sign up for Kakao Talk
- Kakao Story profile name
- Kakao services you have used

Please note that if the information you have provided do not match your Kakao Account information, we are unable to tell you what your Kakao Account email is.