I received an email titled 'Measures taken to protect your Kakao Account". What is this?

When we detect a suspicious login attempt, the user's Kakao Account is locked temporarily and a notification email is sent to the user's Kakao Talk or Kakao Account email.

If you received this email, you are required to reset your password to use Kakao Services again.

[How to reset your password]

* On Kakao Talk or Kakao Story app > More or Settings > Kakao Account > Reset Password
* On Kakao Talk or Kakao Story app > Kakao Account login page > Click "Forgot your email or password?" > Select "Reset Password"
* Kakao Stroy web login: Click "Find Password" at the bottom of the login button

** Please make sure that your Kakao Account and your Kakao Account email have different email addresses to ensure security.