What features and effects does a new Shooting function have? How do I use it?
A brand-new Story provides 4 different shooting modes for photos and videos. 
Tap the Camera button at the top of the Story screen for a transition. Once the transition is made, you can create videos and photos to your liking in <Story>, <Video>, <Boomerang>, and <Photo> modes with various fun effects and features. Tap a button or swipe the screen to switch between modes. 
- Story : Special effects for video recording are placed on the left and right side of the Shooting button. Select a special effect and long-press the Shooting button. You can keep shooting a video for up to 15 seconds with the effect applied. 
- Video : With the Continuous Shot feature, you can arrange frames you want without professional skills! Create a video to your heart's content using high-quality filters and lovely cutie stickers, including facial recognition stickers. If there is any clip you want to delete in the continuous shots, press the [X] button on the Pause screen to selectively delete from the most recent clip. 
- Boomerang : With a single tap just like photo-shooting, you can effortlessly make a 5-second animation. In Boomerang Mode, stickers and filters are available for video-shooting. 
- Photo : Take a photo in the optimal aspect ratio of 3:4. Just like Video and Boomerang modes, you can use motion stickers and filters. If you open the Motion Sticker browser before taking a photo, an animated sticker you've chosen is automatically applied to your photo. Enjoy a new experience where a still-cut meets the motion sticker to create an "animated video."
Among four shooting modes, <Story>, <Video>, and <Boomerang> are optimized for video with a generous full-screen. Shooting stickers and filters are continuously updated for new experiences.