I want to report a post and comment on the Board.
If you find a post or comment on the Board violates KakaoTalk Operation Policy, please report it according to the following steps. The complainant’s personal information will not be disclosed to the reported person to protect his/her privacy.

◼ Report a post
1) Select ‘...’ on the top right corner of the post.
2) Select [Report].
3) Check ‘Reasons for Reporting’ on the Report page.
4) Select [Complete].

◼ Report a comment
1) Select '...' on the right side of the comment.
2) Select [Report].
3) Check 'Reasons for Reporting' on the Report pop-up.
4) Select [Complete].

• Note that you may be restricted to use the service if you file a false report.

• Please see
here to check if KakaoTalk Operation Policy is violated.