I want to report a message sent by the participant in the 1:1 Open Chat where I participate.
If you receive a message that violates KakaoTalk Operation Policy from a person in a 1:1 Open Chat, please report it according to the following steps. The complainant’s personal information will not be disclosed to the reported person to protect his/her privacy.

1) Open Side Menu on the right side of the chatroom and select Report & Leave.
2) You can select up to 5 messages for reporting on the Report Message page.
3) Select [Report] at the bottom.
4) Check ‘Reasons for Reporting’ on the Report pop-up.
5) Select [Complete].

• The reported message will be sent to a relevant Kakao team.
• You can no longer participate in this Open Chat, your conversations will be deleted, and the chatroom will disappear from the Chats list.

• Please see
here to check if KakaoTalk Operation Policy is violated.