I want to report the Talk Calendar Event to which a stranger invited me.
If you receive an invitation from a stranger to a Talk Calendar event that violates KakaoTalk Operation Policy, please report it according to the following steps. The complainant’s personal information will not be disclosed to the reported person to protect his/her privacy.

1) Select [Report] at the right bottom of the Talk Calendar Event.
2) Check ‘I agree to report the event’ on the Report pop-up.
3) Select [Report].

• The event will be deleted from My Calendar, the person who invited you will be blocked, and you will receive no more invitations from him/her.
• A part of the event details will be sent to a relevant Kakao team.

• If the reported person is on your Friends list, please remove him/her from the list and then report the profile.
• Please see
here to check if KakaoTalk Operation Policy is violated.