What are service restrictions?
To protect KakaoTalk users’ pleasant and safe activities, we have restricted the use of KakaoTalk for those who are reported and confirmed to have violated Kakao Terms and Conditions and Operation Policy.

◼ You may be restricted from using the service if your attempt falls on any of the following cases.
• Send a message containing inappropriate ads for obscenity, or illegal gambling sites
• Share illegally filmed content, false videos, or sexual exploitation of children and youth
• Leak other’s personal information and violate other’s rights
• Steal other’s account
• Other cases

◼︎ If service restrictions apply, you may suffer inconvenience while using the following services.
You may be restricted from using all or part of the KakaoTalk service, including its execution. In this case, you may be prohibited from using other services associated with KakaoTalk.
• Message reception/transmission limited
• Chatroom entry/search limited
• KakaoTalk Board/Channel Comment limited
• Some of the Calendar functions limited
• KakaoTalk sign-up/withdrawal limited
• Other functions

[What can I do if I am restricted from using the service?]
• Please check the detailed information displayed when the KakaoTalk app is running.
• If you inquire through customer service, we will tell you how to resolve inconvenience.

[For more details about our Operation Policy, please refer to the page below.]
• Kakao Operation Policy
• KakaoTalk Operation Policy