When do open chat restrictions apply?
※ Please check the ‘Notification on Open Chat Restrictions’ sent via KakaoTalk Channel first.

Open Chat is the service where you can share your stories and feelings via an Invite link without adding friends.
Our policy stipulates the reasons for service restrictions to ensure pleasant and safe user activities.
Those who are confirmed to have violated the Terms and Conditions and Operation Policy while creating an Open Chatroom and chatting with participants therein shall be restricted from performing related activities temporarily or permanently.

◼ Behaviors that are subject to the Open Chat restrictions are as follows:
- Harmful activities for juveniles
- Promoting to unwanted parties
- Wallpapering by sending the same messages in a row
- Sending abusive and slanderous messages that may cause discomfort to others
- Any action that may cause inconvenience to other users' service use

If the reported message does not comply with relevant laws and Kakao Terms and Conditions or policies, the Open Chat service shall be temporarily restricted.
If you are in a condition irrelevant to the cases above, please let us know the specific situation for confirmation.
Then, we will review the report again based on the filed content.

[Please refer to the page below for more details about our Operation Policy.]
• Kakao Operation Policy https://www.kakao.com/policy/oppolicy?lang=en
• KakaoTalk Operation Policy