The open chatroom that I created does not appear in the search results.
You may be unable to find an Open Chatroom when it falls on any of the following cases

1. Where the open chatroom is normally displayed as a search result but not shown in the top ranks according to the order; 2. Where chatroom information (cover image, chat room name, hashtag, etc.) contains unsound/harmful content and is restricted from being displayed as a search result; and 3. Where exposure of search results is delayed because chatroom information (cover image, chat room name, hashtag, etc.) contains contents that may be suspected of being unsound or harmful.

If your open chatroom information is not related to unhealthy/harmful content, please contact us by adding the explanation below. We will help you after confirming the case.
(Unsound content: sensational expression, abusive language/slander, cruelty, hate, inducement of unhealthy encounters, promotion of illegal speculative services, transaction of personal information, etc.)

- Open chat room URL (Required):
- Open Chat Room Title:
- Open Chat Room Hashtag:
- Whether the registered cover image contains any of the above unhealthy images O, X:

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